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Win a Free Breathalyzer for You and Your Designated Driver
Win a Free Breathalyzer for You and Your Designated Driver
Mar 05

Win a Free Breathalyzer for You and Your Designated Driver

Enter to Win a FREE BREATHALYZER to make sure you and your designated driver never risk a DUI.

The best way to avoid a DUI is to never drink and drive. But for many of us, never driving after having a drink or two is easier said than done.

You may be thinking, "I can drive after only one or two drinks and be fine." The problem is that depending on many factors related to calculating your blood alcohol content (BAC), even just one or two alcoholic drinks may put you over the legal limit.

Don't believe us? Check out this BAC calculator to get an estimate of what your blood alcohol content might be after a certain amount of drinks.

Risks of Drinking and Driving

Ultimately, if you decide to drink and drive, you are risking more than just a ticket:

  • You're risking a criminal DUI charge
  • You're risking a serious or fatal accident
  • You're risking all of the collateral consequences that come with the above

Those risks are just as real if you find yourself having a few drinks at an interesting restaurant as they are if you decide to have a night out with your friends at your favorite bar.

Check Your BAC with a Breathalyzer

While an online BAC calculator can give you an estimate of your blood alcohol content, it’s not nearly as precise as using a real breathalyzer to find out if you’ll be driving home under the influence. Knowing your BAC before you reach for your keys can help you decide if the drive home is worth the risk of a possible DUI charge or if you’ll be opening your favorite rideshare app instead.

WIN a Free Breathalyzer!

If you don’t have a breathalyzer, you’re in luck. The Florida-based criminal defense and personal injury law firm, Delgado & Romanik, PLLC, is GIVING AWAY 100 CUSTOM HANDHELD BREATHALYZERS this month.

Why? It's simple. As criminal defense and personal injury lawyers, the Delgado & Romanik team is very familiar with the many unfortunate consequences of getting a DUI. To help reduce the risks of driving under the influence, the firm is giving away two free breathalyzers to 50 lucky winners, to help their fellow Florida residents stay safe and avoid potential DUIs.

Check out their Free Breathalyzer Giveaway to learn more about the contest and enter to win yours!